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CC Cycle 2 Week 6 European Mountains Includes all Mountain ranges and a short description alongside the map.

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Breathtaking National Parks Around the World (PHOTOS)

50 National Parks around the world: Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks might be beautiful, but they are not the only stunning parks this planet has to offer. The world is full of stunning nationally protected parks spanning vast African savannahs, European mountain ranges, South American rainforests and beautiful beaches - and all of these destinations are extremely popular with tourists.


Mountains have shaped my life. From living a ski bum's life when I was young and fresh, to exploring them with my spouse.

Alpine marmot by JiMchal - The Alpine Marmot is a ground squirrel that lives in high grasslands of the Alps and other European mountain ranges


A phenomenal view of Schafberg Mountain in Salzburg, Austria, situated within the Salzkammergut Mountains range. ❤


Scandinavia - Fascinating Relief Maps Show The World’s Mountain Ranges

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10 Places to Visit Before They're Lost to Climate Change

This European mountain range has long served as a Shangri-La for skiers, stretching across eight countries and providing some of the most sought-after slopes in the world. With increasing temperatures, however, significant snowmelt continues to shorten the season for winter sports. Many resorts have already begun to compensate by offering spa treatments and outdoor activities like horseback riding or tennis to lure more off-season visitors.

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24 Stunning Natural Wonders in Europe

Looking for the best nature spots in Europe? Check out this list of 24 stunning natural wonders in Europe, which includes waterfalls, beaches and mountain ranges.

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10 Fun Things To Do in Granada On a Budget

Things to do in Granada on a budget - the hot Spanish city close to the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Hikes, Tinto De Verano, and Sacromonte.