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FC Eva Gutowski ° First person bio ° Hiya! I'm Zircon Clark. I know, Zircon sounds like a sci-fi convention, but it's actually a gemstone. Most people call me Zee or Connie, but you can call me anything. 《Peppy, awkward, talkative | Age : Seventeen | Sexuality : Panromantic | Relationship status : Single》

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This month, I got the honor to visit the holocaust museum in Germany. Being of Polish descent, this is very close to me. My great grandparents lived in Poland as young adults during the World War II tragedy. They fled to America after things in Poland were too unsafe. My great grandma, Ma, became a nurse for the war, and my great grandpa fought, and died in combat in France. It's insane thinking that I am around the age they were at that time. I was pulled by the neck of Ma's cane in her…

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There are 6 tips to buy this t-shirt: white black and white shirt fade clothes clothes mens tumblr floral plz and i love you black and white.

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5 Tips on #How_to_Be_a_Winner! A winning philosophy that would work on just about anything at any age, from applying for a job to being a contestant in a talent contest.

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The latest Tweets from Eva Gutowski (@lifeaseva). Stay fun forever. youtuber, comedian, conspiracy theorist, mediocre surfer. always on the go

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so I have this habit where I'll see a bunch of pins I want to repin so I like them & then I hoard those 2297296727651 pins that I end up repinning 5 years later

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