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5 Gallon Bucket Swamp Cooler DIY Project - Cooling your tent or van. The basic idea for the bucket cooler is just a smaller version of Yellowdog's cooler made from a rubbermade garbage can. An evaporative cooler will reduce the temperature by 20 to 30 degrees. All the ideas that people came up with on this thread are a perfect example of radical self relience! (Bravo!!!)

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A Practical Zeer Pot (evaporative cooler / non-electrical refrigerator)

How To Make A Practical Non Electrical Refrigerator Zeer Pot | The Homestead Survival - Off Grid - Homesteading

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Evaporative cooler - Wikipedia

A Practical Zeer Pot (evaporative cooler / non-electrical refrigerator)

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This is the outdoor air conditioner that creates a dry mist to provide cooling without leaving behind moisture.

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DIY Solar Powered Air Cooler

Complete instructions to make this DIY Solar Powered Air Cooler. Good for small spaces. | Tiny Homes

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The Kern Valley can be hot & dry in Summer; so evaporative coolers are the most popular cooling devices. Some are better than others. I'm replacing the old dud one on my new place with one of these: Phoenix Manufacturing AeroCool Pro Evaporative Cooler I like: Thick pad Drains/flushes itself every 5 hours 2 speed automatic fan Programmable thermostat $300 rebate from SCE

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Fifty buck fridge keeps your food cool without electricity

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Evaporative cooling works by employing water's large enthalpy of vaporization. The temperature of dry air can be dropped significantly through the phase transition of liquid water to water vapor (evaporation), which can cool air using much less energy than refrigeration. In extremely dry climates, evaporative cooling of air has the added benefit of conditioning the air with more moisture for the comfort of building occupants. Unlike closed-cycle refrigeration, evaporative cooling requires a…

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