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What Kind of Mermaid Are You?

We were just playing a joke, we werent ment to fall in love... But thats what happened. Just my luck. (Open rp for the guy)

The Sea Witches: They bleed salt water and sing the songs the waves taught them. They are as wild and strange as the ocean herself, secretive folk who have little use for land but where it meets the water. Some say they are the children of mermaids or selkies, abandoned by their parents and mothered by the depths. The only thing they know is that they must not go away from the sea.

A bunch of evil mermaids flopped up on shore today mwahahaha. Collaboration with the freakin amazing following artists: @luvekat @leighdicksonartistry @beautybydehsonae and @Jordan Hanz Stay tuned for a bunch of individual shots of my makeup for this!