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Witches Herbs Juniper Berries: Juniper hung at the door protects against evil forces and persons. It can be added to love mixtures and increases male potency. When burned it aids psychic powers and breaks hexes.


Italian Horns: In Italian, this charm is called “corno” or “cornicello”. Corno stands for horn, while cornicello roughly translate into little horn. The Italian horn is a charm or amulet worn for protection against the evil eye superstition. It looks like a somewhat twisted horn of any animal. What is the evil eye superstition? In olden days it was believed that when a person was jealous of another person’s achievements, possessions or even his physical appearance, his jealousy alone could…


Jealousy has no limit; it is an evil that continually endures and a sin without end. The lies of jealousy burn hotter in proportion to the increasing success of the person who is envied. St. Cyprian of Carthage


"You're nothing to be afraid of; you're only a boy with a sword. You pretend to be king, but truly you are worth less than a beggar's brat, with about as much courage. So show me. Show me what they're all afraid of."