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In 1988, Peggy McIntosh, a women’s-studies scholar at Wellesley, wrote a paper called “White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences Through Work in Women’s Studies,” which contained forty-six examples of white privilege. More

from Unreasonable Faith

You’re Not Being “Oppressed”

This is what anyone who claims "reverse racism" will understand once they recognize and educate themselves about white privilege. Readings for Diversity and Social Justice is a phenomenal book that explains the multiple dimensions of oppressions, and the companion text, Teachings for Diversity and Social Justice, explains the theoretical framework of anti-oppressive social justice education.


It's so important to acknowledge and dismantle the layers of privilege that many of us have, starting with white privilege.

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A Guide to White Privilege For White People Who Think They've Never Had Any

Brittany Polo: #RealizingWhatWhitePrivilegeIs #UnpackingTheInvisibleKnapsack . Deborah Foster never realized she had white privilege until she learned about it later in life. She grew up poor, moving, and being suspended from school. She realized she had white privilege when she entered her first multicultural education class as a college student. She emphasizes that if you don't know what white privilege is, to make a list of all the things you can do. (Fitzgerald, 2014, p.51). #Chapter2

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Privilege, Yes You Have it

Some of you may believe that gangstalking can safely be ignored, because its not your problem and could not possibly happen to you...! Not true! Some victims were vulnerable people who were randomly chosen to be harassed in order to serve as an example to keep the rest of their neighborhood in line. In short, this could potentially happen to YOU...if you permit gangstalking to continue.


This infuriates me!!! White Christians will get mad if you display "black Jesus" because you're erasing his actual race in order for you to relate to it more. When they're doing the exact same thing!!!! They think Jesus was a good person, therefore he must be white because they can't relate to people of color. It's one of the most blunt examples of white privilege I can think of and it makes me sick!!


10 Examples That Prove White Privilege Protects White People in Every Aspect Imaginable