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When you open your book a night before your exam - Vine Avenue

I'm not good at exam prep

I can't wait until exams are over because it means I'll be able to spend my time doing everything I am already doing just without the guilt :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

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My Attitude in Exam

One Day

Except there would be an empty box of chocolates and tissues scattered across the room. If you're lucky, you may walk in on me having a nervous breakdown.

This is so me! Starting today, I will have had 10 exams in a row by next Wednesday (the last three days are finals).

One more week and I'm done with my freshman year of college

Finals Week and the week before finals because they always push every single last semester exam into that one week.

I have two exams in two different subjects tomorrow. And I’m f**ked – FunSubstance

I have two exams in two different subjects tomorrow. And I'm f**ked - FunSubstance

When you don't know the answer to an exam question but you refuse to leave it blank. <<< OMG my exams start in may OMG

Finally Free #Exams, #Finish

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