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My all-time favorite word wall for mid to upper elementary! Put a dull word in the center of the flower and the exciting words on the petals!


Vocabulary 1- Ice Cream Words: Students start by writing a common word on the ice cream cone. Students can now look up synonyms for these words. Creating a large ice cream cone with words that can replace the common words.


German design studio WerterlOberfell. “Eggwave demonstrates that a relatively uninteresting product typology can become quite exciting. It embodies our digital design process and shows that ‘digital design’, which is kind of a synonym for crazy shapes, can become a mass-produced mainstream product that has an almost invisible serving function.”


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This is really good for me since I want to stop using a certain word in my songwriting verses/chorus/bridge......


"Dead" words are overused words in student writing such as good, bad, little and big etc. I blew up a tombstone on 11 x 17 paper and had students write a "dead" word on the tombstone. They then used a thesaurus to find more exciting synonyms that could be used in their writing instead!


Primary school classroom. Literacy crimes. I have banned the children from using some words in their writing. If they do a police officer is stamped in their books and they have to go back and find a more exciting synonym.

Exciting Synonyms. Download it at - The Education Marketplace. #scholastic #kidsbooks @Karen Echols #teachers #teaching #elementaryschools #teachercreated #ebooks #books #education #classrooms #commoncore #examville

Vocabulary - The Said Web - Brainstorming Interesting Synonyms Grade 3-6 Use this activity to help students explore more exciting synonyms for over-used words. Start by generating a few synonyms with the whole class. Then allow students to work in small (mixed-ability) groups to come up with more words. Connect this activity to the writing process by having students go back over a piece of writing and replacing "said" with more descriptive words.


Razzle Dazzle Words, Purple Words, Expensive Words, "Said is Dead," etc.We all put up a valiant fight to help our writers push the envelope! I like to use this as a word wall display for students to reference, but first I challenge students to match the exciting synonyms with their "basic, boring" counterpart.