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Obama Claims Executive Privilege In Refusing To Allow Emails Between Himself And... | America Conservative 2 Conservative

Jon Stewart Slams Obama Executive Privilege, Fast & Furious, and DOJ Eric Holder~ Bet you have no idea about this Fast & Furious Scandal? Hmmm Wonder why?


OBAMA USED FAKE NAME WHEN EMAILING HILLARY: One of the most AMAZING things discovered in the WikiLeaks dump is that Obama used a FAKE NAME when writing to Crooked Hillary on her ILLEGAL email server. Wow. And yet, he says he "knew nothing about" her server until he saw it on the news. Amazing. #WikiLeaks #CrookedHillary #Obama


Or rather do away with executive privilege and orders along with rules of propinquity. The things in which the government finds ways around the limitations that the constitution sets for it.


What’s one of the greatest benefits of being a federal agency of the Obama administration? The ability to grant yourself exemption from laws you don’t like or don’t feel like obeying. Case in point – …


How Hillary’s advisers discussed asking executive privilege via

​Trump Campaign Calls On FBI To Make Additional Clinton Email Investigation Records Public: FBI’s Interview Notes Raise Questions About Whether Clinton Emails Under Subpoena Were Intentionally Destroyed

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Executive Privilege 20x30 poster

Puck Magazine: A Skeleton of His Own 12x18 Giclee on canvas

WikiLeaks: Team Hillary Pushed White House to Withhold Emails ~ Top Clinton aides discussed encouraging Obama camp to invoke executive privilege

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