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17 Ways to Master Expanding Foam Insulation

Basement or crawl space rim joists are a major source of energy loss in a house, so it's well worth the effort to add insulation and seal any cracks and gaps. A good DIY approach is to cut rigid foam insulation to fit between the joists. Cut it about 1/2 in. undersized so it's easy to fit in. Shim the rigid foam in place with little chunks of foam. Then fill the space around it with expanding foam. Don't forget to caulk or foam the joint between the sill plate and the foundation too


17 Ways to Master Expanding Foam Insulation - Now’s the time to work on insulating your home before the temperatures dip down too low. Insulating gaps now is one of the best ways to ensure you’re not letting heat out or cold air in this winter. Your furnace will thank you and so will your wallet when the heating bill comes!


17 Ways to Master Expanding Foam Insulation

Cut Cured Foam With a Bread Knife - A serrated knife with a flexible blade is perfect for cutting off excess foam. Just make sure the foam is completely cured and firm all the way through or it'll stick to the blade.


You can see here I've attached the bed sheet to the framework and have begun to spray expanding foam insulation in vertical lines to make the appearance of bark.


Spray Foam Insulation at a fraction of the cost for a Skoolie or RV. :) Good for attic spaces too!


17 Ways to Master Expanding Foam Insulation

Add an Extension Tube - The short, stiff straw on cans of expanding foam makes it difficult to reach some areas. The solution is to buy a length of 1/4-in. tubing at the home center and use it to extend the straw. With this setup, you can reach almost anywhere.


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Make this out of expanding foam, build up to desire size and carve out eyes, teeth and nose with a knife. Paint. Weather proof too. Link includes home haunt ideas