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FREE ~ Great practice for my 8th grade math & Geometry students sorting angles created by parallel lines cut by a transversal into the following categories: Corresponding, Alternate Interior, Alternate Exterior, and Same-Side Interior


Exterior Angle Theorem Maze - Finding Angle Measures

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Polygons graphic organizer and practice

Two pages of introduction to polygon vocabulary, interior angle sum, exterior angles, naming, and parts of the polygon. Twelve practice problems involve solving from variables, determining the number of sides of a polygon, and finding interior and exterior angles. Answer key included. The one-page reference sheet is a great way for SPED and ESL/ESOL students to have a quick way to access the information they need for polynomials. Happy Solving! from the miss jude math! shop


Understanding Interior and Exterior Angles in Triangles

These hands on geometry lessons are such a great way to help kids see the relationship between the interior and exterior angles in triangles! This free download is simple to use and includes teaching tips and an answer key!


Interior & Exterior Angles of Triangles Matching Activity

This matching activity is a great way to have students practice finding unknown measures of interior and exterior angles of triangles. There are 12 problems students will solve and match up the answers to on the mat. Students need to apply the triangle sum theorem and also use supplementary and complementary angles to solve for the unknown measure. Teacher answer key included! Common Core Aligned: 8.G.5


8th Grade Triangle Sum and Exterior Angle Theorem Game - 8th Grade Math Game

8th Grade math game for Triangle Sum & Exterior Angles Theorem. Perfect for small groups, independent practice, whole class review, and progress monitoring. This middle school math game covers ALL Common Core math standards related to Triangle Sum Theorem and Exterior Angle Theorem in 8th Grade math.