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Eye Parts Name

Learn about the Human Eye

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Biology for Montessori Toddlers -- Self Discovery Basket with Printable

Biology for Montessori Toddlers -- Self Discovery Basket with Printable. This is an easy way to teach young children names for their eyes, nose, ears and other body parts. Add a hand mirror and children are memorized.

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I will be using parts of the insects. The wings, eyes, etc. This explain very well, about parts of the body, so when it come to planning my creature, I can label the names, and give me an idea/ picture of how it would look with different elements.

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Now, look at it as long as you need to, to be able to see it in your head. Now close your eyes and label the parts.

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theme board all about me for preschool - Google Search

Guess whose eyes are who! Helps children make eye contact. Notice what is different and the same about each other. Can turn into a book when you take them off the bulletin board! More

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Horse Anatomy Pictures-Think Like a Horse-Rick Gore Horsemanship ®

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Toddler Craft Activity: Mr. Potato Head

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What They Never Told You in History Class, Vol.1: Indus Khamit-Kush: This book contains little known facts that are not taught in most history classes. They are verified with references, names and quotations from renown scholars and historians, some of whom are not African American. This is a great source to me as a news writer. There parts on lineage, references to the ancient worlds and modern historical events.

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