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Fill the spray bottle 3/4 full with rubbing alcohol. Add two small drops of dish soap. Fill the bottle the rest of the way up with tap water. If you have really hard water you might want to consider using distilled water instead. Place the lid on the container and shake gently. Use the finished product the same way you would use any eyeglasses cleaner.

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What to Do About Dry Eyes From Contact Lenses

Many people who wear contact lenses find that contacts cause dry eyes. Consumer Reports tells you how to keep your eyes comfortable.

Someone pinned this... Dollar store eye glass cases for our roadtrip! Thanks :)

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Unisex full frame mixed material eyeglasses


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Tea Rose Home: Take your old eyeglass case and remake into a clever sewing kit with a homemade pin cushion

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3 Blue Blockers Put to the Test

ARTICLE OF INTEREST: Blue blockers are meant to guard against sleep-disrupting light from smart gadgets. Consumer Reports put them to the test, and here's what we found.

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