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Bourbon & Bullets: Ezra Levant, World's Biggest Hypocrite

I was recently involved in an interesting exercise—examining taqiyya about taqiyya—and believe readers might profit from the same exercise, as it exposes all the subtle apologetics made in defense of the Islamic doctrine, which permits Muslims to lie to non-Muslims, or “infidels.” Context: Khurrum Awan, a lawyer, is suing Ezra Levant, a Canadian media personality …

OTTAWA — The father-in-law of a bride who posed for a photo with Justin Trudeau says a Sun News Network rant about a kiss on the cheek has been completely misunderstood by personality Ezra Levant. “Wow! As the Grooms father you couldn'...

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Fresh off his interview with The Rebel's Ezra Levant, Tommy Robinson has a new video ripping into Germany's self-destruction.

Ezra Levant asked: "What was your intent?" (2008)

Ezra Levant of asks: Do you think the language of Sumte will continue to be German? Do you think the news will be Die Welt or Al Jazeera? Do you think the music will be Beethoven, or the call to prayer from the mosque? Do you think women’s rights will be the norm — or burkas and niqabs?

Justin Trudeau was right to block Sun for Ezra Levant’s attack - The Globe and Mail