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La F-1 2014 también se verá a través de Movistar TV |

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35 Reasons Why the Cast of 'Harry Potter' is the Best

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Red 1950s Ford F-1 pickup: friend’s ‘truck’ a virtual steal. My friend is very particular about the vehicle he would never drive. It wouldn’t be a car but a pickup truck like the one in the opening credits of the old Sanford and Son TV series #ford

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Sky buys exclusive rights to all Formula One

Sky buys exclusive rights to all Formula One | Sport | The Guardian

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DELTA FORCE U.S. SPECIAL OPERATIONS UNLEASHED reports blogger, James Rickman @ The UNIT as they are often referred too are ultra-trained lethal soldiers like "Jason Bourne" as portrayed in the movie. SOP personnel work undercover blend in with the community in any hostile environment. Long haired patrol, DELTA force units are embedded deep into enemy territory with a specific mission. WATCH VIDEO OF DELTA FORCE IN ACTION

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Jamie Bower Campbell as Paul Hudson: "I'd never had the urge to touch anybody's chest, but Paul was so animated and energetic, I imagined a metrical, pumping drum pounding in place of a heartbeat, and I wanted to feel the rhythm. I wanted to merge with it. I wanted to be it."

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