fabric alphabet letters how to tutorial with free pattern

Fabric Alphabet Letters

fabric alphabet letters, a how-to tutorial with free pattern, love this as a great handmade gift idea - - Sugar Bee Crafts

Alphabet Magnets1 Spill from Bag2.  The link below takes you to the main site.  For just the alphabets, go to http://chezbeeperbebe.blogspot.com/2009/10/tutorial-how-to-make-plush-alphabet.html

scrap shout outs

Make plush alphabet sets from various fabric scraps with magnets inside; then stick on the side of the fridge or freezer. From Chez Beeper Bebe.

Doing this!  How to make easy fabric covered letters for your baby nursery using swaddle blanket fabric.  These fabric wall letters are super lightweight and match back to that pattern you fell in love with.

How to Make Easy DIY Fabric Letters for Your Nursery

How to make fabric covered letters, how to make fabric wall letters, easy fabric covered letters, DIY nursery letters, Fabric letters using swaddle blanket! Love this idea from Mommy Testers!

Make Your Own Fun, Fabric Covered Letters :-)

Make Your Own Fun, Fabric Covered Letters

Rag Quilt Letters & Numbers Tutorial - make out of newborn baby clothes?

Rag Quilt Letters & Numbers Tutorial

a bucket of letters made from scrap fabrics. Great for little ones learning the alphabet or for spelling!// great idea for scrap fabric

Handmade Baby Gift Ideas

Handmade Baby Gift Ideas

Yellow Suitcase Studio: Handmade Baby Shower Gifts See Happy Together site for the pattern