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Free Factor Race Game! Includes teacher directions, student directions, and game cards.

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Factors, Multiples, Prime & Composite Math Center

Print and play math center that will have your students engaged in finding factors and multiples and identifying numbers as prime or composite. The option of using dry erase markers makes it super engaging for kids and it is a great way to review these important skills during other units.

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Maths display … …

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Free worksheet (with key) to help students practice factoring numbers rainbow style! This method of factoring concentrates on factor pairs! This is a companion to some of my other products.

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FREE! Printable Factors and Prime Numbers List Factors List: 1-100 Prime Numbers List: 2-229

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This fast-paced game is a great way to for kids to explore with the concept of factors, allowing you to address the Common Core Math Standards within the Grade 4 cluster "Gain familiarity with factors and multiples." Students will quickly discover the difference between prime and composite numbers, as well as realize the fact that 1 is a factor of every number. This two-player game will require two-sided color tokens and a paper clip to use as a spinner. Resources include a recording sheet…

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