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Some amazing facts about the Indian festival - Diwali. Diwali marks the Hindu new year. It is the largest and most celebrated festival in India.
India Fact Card for your Girl Scout World Thinking Day or International celebration. Free printable available at Fits perfectly in the World Thinking Passport, also available at
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A man in India plants a whole forest - WTF fun facts
India has one of the world's oldest cultures and is filled with wonder, mystique and magic. Discover 18 fascinating facts about India you may not know. Here's one interesting fact about India, it is the world's second largest English speaking nation in the world. Check out the article to know more.
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Fact about India - largest and oldest continuous civilization
8 Fun Facts About India Including a Floating Post Office
A set of 18 printable fact cards that give key, fun and interesting facts about India. Each fact card has a key word heading, making this set an excellent topic-based word wall/ word bank as well! Visit our TpT store for more information and for other classroom display resources by clicking on the provided links.
Interesting facts about India
Discover fast facts about India adoption plus find links to helpful resources and adoption agencies placing children from India in your state.
21 Amazing Facts About India
Interesting facts about India for travellers and non-travellers alike
21 Amazing Facts About India