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Facts About Refugees

Syrian Refugees: The not so fun Facts Infographic. The Syrian War now enters its 4th year. Millions of Syrians have been displaced, ½ of whom are children left without proper schooling. If the situation does not improve dramatically, Syria risks ending up with a generation disengaged from education & learning. | infographic | Dubai

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Fun Facts about Lebanon - 9GAG

Fun Facts about Lebanon

Fun Facts about Lebanon - 9GAG

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In 1938, 69% of U.S. college students said we shouldn't offer a haven in this country for Jewish refugees from Europe. Six mill Jews later died. Remember this when politicians say "we shouldn't accept any Syrian refugees."

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Before the Holocaust, Hitler gave the U.S., Great Britain, and many other nations a chance to take in Jewish refugees. They refused.

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Interesting facts about the #swahili language and culture_infographic - #Africa

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A powerful infographic exposing various myths about immigrantion. Learn more, love more.