U.S. Constitution ESCAPE ROOM! - Government - No Props!

U.S. Constitution ESCAPE ROOM Activity! - Constitution Day - Founders Month

U.S. Constitution ESCAPE ROOM! - Government - No Props!

Transcript of the Constitution of the United States - Official Text ~ with printer friendly version

Constitution Day_September 2013 The Founding Fathers: A Brief Overview The 55 delegates who attended the Constitutional Convention were a distinguished body of men who rep.

the US constitution...4,543 of the best, most powerful words ever put down on paper!

What's 223 Years Old, 4543 Words Long, And Routinely Ignored By Both Parties?

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Today is the BICENQUASQUIGENARY of everyone's favorite founding document, a. Celebrate Constitution Day at the National Constitution Center (free admission, folks!) or check out Constitution Daily's coverage!

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