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Fade Synonym

Dorrego revealed the other sky, the boundless dome that sends you rushing to a dictionary for synonyms for ‘infinite’; stars that clustered, not into constellations, but into galaxies; stars like swarms of bees which suggested not stillness or permanence but movement, the trail of something, of someone that passed just now, a moment ago, when you weren’t looking. A sky that seemed to suddenly reveal the meaning of all things: Man’s need to create language to describe it, geography to ...


Magazine Cover, "Good Housekeeping": February 1914, Coles Phillips.


The world faded away and all I saw was you...❤️


Printable Cerebral Christmas Carol Match II. (This and Xmas carol synonyms. )


I chose this image to be Contrast because as you see, the photographer was trying to get the red apple to stand out as the colors are not the same.

spent an hour looking for a word to describe 'fog'...scoured the internet, brainstormed, ended up using 'wet'. How *original*.

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