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Tennessee fainting goat. They get so excited and this is the result. (Amy). Please tell me this dudes name. You do they been around for along time. Straighten up. I got this. You just got to talk to me.

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I just love these little guys!!!! Cant wait to have a bit of land so I can have a whole herd!!! Miniature Silky Fainting Goats

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Fainting Goats make great farm "pet's". There entertainment value NEVER get's old.

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Fainting Goat Farm: See how one family started with a pet goat for their daughter, and expanded to 30 year-round fainting goats with kids born in the spring and fall. | Living the Country Life |

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Two words: FAINTING GOATS! Learn about these adorable creatures! | Living the Country Life |

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Free Potbelly Pigs for Sale | ... and miniature horses for sale. Nigerian Dwarf Goat's for sale

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GOATS / / If you watch the video, you will see that these are very unusual goats: They are FAINTING GOATS. If you don't know what "FAINT" and "FAINTING" means, watch the video and you will find out.

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Community Post: 7 GIFs Of Adorable Fainting Goats

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