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Honest & Fair Petal Game~ 1st start with discussing the meaning of the words and their antonyms. Then have two leaders stand at opposite ends of the room. Shout out different scenarios and have the girls run to the appropriate word. For example: You forgot your homework and told your teacher your dog ate it. The girls would run to dishonest. The girls learn to distinguish the words and get their energy out.

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The difference between equality and equity - sustainability calls for equity in our community

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The "respect" in this post meaning active respect for Trump as a person, not the basic respect of someone's humanity.

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I really didn't think that needed to be explicitly pointed out, it's a lot less subtle than some of her clever names

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Can we please just take this moment to appreciate the fact that Sherlock's name literally means "Fair Haired Island"?

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Inspirational Quotes - From the Thought Proving, to the Entertaining!

Sometimes, life will kick you when you’re down. Some people are mean, spiteful, and hateful. When hurt, we often think of life not being fair and wish it was. The problem is, life cannot be fair because we are all humans who have been hurt, and have hurt others in the past. Get back up and focus on the future, instead of living in the past. #life #fairness

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Name meaning: "Friend of God" The “Archangel of Justice and Fairness”, he helps to resolve arguments, assists with cooperation and leads to harmony in groups and families. If asked, he will offer assistance toward discovering balanced, harmonious, peaceful resolutions to disputes and disagreements, both in our personal and professional lives. He also helps us to sort out our inner feelings. Crystal affinity: Aquamarine.

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19 Phrases That Have A Totally Different Meaning to Livestock People - Ranch House Designs Blog
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Fair Doesn't Always Mean Equal -- Free poster, great for classroom discussion on respecting differences

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