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I love this with all my heart & love who ever made this!!!!!

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Okay, so this has been really bugging me. Is there are word for BOTH anime and manga as one? Like, for me, I'd rather this said something like "When I partake of otaku material" except it is SO awkward to say "Otaku Material" and I wish someone could just tell me if such a word exists in the english or Japanese languages. Or any other language. I don't even care.

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Bixanna week day 3: Childhood by Blanania on Tumblr | CHUỐI
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Gajeel vs Levy

Gajeel vs Levy

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Wouldn't it be weird if the princess fell in love with the dragon instead if the prince?, no...not at all, Natsu, Lucy, couple, text, funny; Fairy Tail

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That's a good story in general idc that it's from fairy tail it's just a good story in my opinion at least

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Okay! Tell me a story along this picture line wouldn't be funny to read! Naruto and Fairy Tail!!

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So, I decided to make one up myself, so I hope you guys like it (*´・v・)

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