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LIFE is full of FAKE people and nothing is more important to them than maintaining their FAKE image.

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Another fake image. Masaji Kintano of Unit 731 was supposed to be Shiro Ishii's second in command, holding the rank of Lieutenant General, yet his collar tab shows that of a private second class. Like most fake images, this one originated from China in 2008.

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"this is a wake up call" "I'm changed" "I can do better" yet they continue with the same actions ...if your going to talk the talk you better be prepared to walk the walk and if not you can expect to be left behind. Some people will NEVER grasp this concept

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How fake images change our memory and behaviour

Doctored images can affect what we eat, how we vote and even our childhood recollections. The question is why there’s nothing we can do to stop it.

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Why The "Fake Geek Girl" Meme Needs To Die

Though it's fun when they fall into it themselves... fake geek boys. Not even nice to look at.

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piretos creations 'created photo' of Elvis & Lisa Marie. See the signature/designation lower left of photo. .....internet commenter "..a few years on, when most contemporary witnesses and hardcore affiniciados will be gone, these fake images may even find their way into newspapers and books; will someone be able to tell the difference then?"

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