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made these rocks out of boxes covered with garbage bags, then covered the boxes with chicken wire, then covered rock with about 3 inches of pigmented hypertufa (portland cement, sand, peat moss mix). Gardenweb has a hupertufa forum that is interesting.

from wikiHow

Make Fake Rocks with Concrete

To cover the ugly crayola green septic lid!!! No way I'm paying $200 for a fake rock, I'll make one myself! :) How to Make Fake Rocks with Concrete: 9 Steps (with Pictures)


Neat video here on another way to make fake rocks. As fake landscaping rocks these look pretty good. They are not hollow though, so they can't be used as rock enclosures.


This realistic looking rock can easily be used as part of your garden or flower bed decor. It's made of fiberlite, a durable, all weather fiberglass composite, and coated with exterior-grade acrylics for long lasting beauty. Curvilinear shape resists wind, so it will stay put until you move it. Each rock cover is hand painted, so no two are alike, just like in nature. Rocks are a blend of tan and gray shades, with tan the dominant color; the degree of tan and gray colors will vary from rocks…