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If you drop a heavy object and a light object simultaneously, which one will reach the ground first? A lot of people will say the heavy object, but what about those who know both will land at the same time? What do they think? Some believe both objects have the same gravitational pull on them and/or both fall to the ground with the same constant speed. Neither of these things is true, however. The force is greater on the heavy object and both objects accelerate at the same rate as they…

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Avios, Falling Everyday Object Photos by Carl Kleiner

“Avios” by Carl Kleiner is a photo series of everyday objects that appear to be falling (or floating upwards, depending on how you look at them). The series was created in collaboration…


Relationship Between the Distance and Time of a Falling Object

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Misconception: Misconceptions About Falling Objects. Ratio of force to inertia is the same so the objects will free fall at the same rate.