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Everyone knows that a shooting star is a guaranteed wish on, but it never hurts…

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...I set them out to let the stars know that we are still here.. (illustration by David Cobos, Deviantart)

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"... the stars were falling. Searching for you" Oh, to be loved like this!

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If the stars were mine... I will keep them exactly where they are... but i will save one in my pocket, to enlighten others when life gets dark...

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To catch a falling star, would be like saving a piece of history...for stars are the memories of those who have passed before us...they are never truly gone... ~SH

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Catch a Falling Star by Josephine Wall Dancing in the clouds far above the earth, a rainbow coloured fairy espies a shower of falling stars. Holding out her hands she hopes to catch one of the brilliant streaks of light. Her aim is to catch one and make a wish for peace and harmony for the whole world. Let us hope she is successful

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Realities are based on bandwidths of vibration. -Sandra Walker

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