Pendennis Castle, Falmouth, Cornwall. A great place to visit if your a history buff. (Personality/Tone of voice)

Pendennis Castle in Falmouth, Cornwall, has been guarding the mouth of the River Fal estuary since

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The High Street, Falmouth, Cornwall

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Swanpool Beach - Falmouth - Cornwall Guide Photos (by Ian Woolcock)

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Discover Falmouth and its richly diverse range of shops and art galleries backed up by the well respected Art School in the town.

Falmouth - Cornwall, England, United Kingdom

Near the town centre is Kimberley Park. The land pre-dates and is named after the Earl of Kimberley who leased the park land to the borough of Falmouth. Today the park boasts a beautiful array of exotic and ornate plants and trees.

Pendennis Castle & headland with Falmouth beyond - Pendennis Castle, Falmouth, Cornwall, England

Pendennis Castle, near Falmouth, Cornwall, England, was erected during the reign of Hernry VIII to protect the important natural harbour of the Fal estuary.

The maze at Glendurgan Garden ~  Falmouth, Cornwall

Glendurgan cherry laurel maze (Prunus lusitanica) in Falmouth, Cornwall, England

Falmouth, Cornwall, England Copyright: Sophie Lo

Falmouth, Cornwall, England Copyright: Sophie Lo - I so remember walking on this very spot!

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