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Family Assistance Calculator

Free Genealogy program that you can put on a flash drive ~ use your favorite word processor ~ Windows. What a great idea. Using this means it's portable and no more worries that you'll lose all your info in a crash.

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Essential Document Locator Checklist

Adult children of aging parents are often caught without the essential documents their parents need in an emergency situation.

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Get a state-by-state view of health care reform implementation and news. Just click any state on the chart for more information.

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Calculating Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

In order to receive financial assistance from the federal government (and in many cases from their own states and schools), college students are required to complete the FAFSA every year. The financial details that they provide on this form are used to calculate their expected family contribution (or EFC). Knowing your EFC is important for several different reasons.

Work Smart: WorkSmart is an Internet application designed to offer entry-level job seekers and workforce re-entrants “soft” skills and occupational information to assist them in obtaining employment.

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My family got great assistance with buying a new home from SA Home loans! SA Home Loans – for Faster Bond Approval & Calculators/Home loan affordability calculator

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This could be incredibly helpful when helping your child with those tricky math problems | algebra help

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American Student Assistance: A $100,000/1-year grant for general support of its Success Boston work, which assists aspiring, current and former students and their families in successfully planning, preparing, and completing a program of higher education financing and repayment. Release of the funds is conditional on the organization meeting data tracking and reporting deadlines.

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