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Seems about the right length #readinghumor

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Terribly painful pick up lines (21 photos)

That's how we roll in the shire. Lol, just replace fanfiction with GOOD fiction and I'm down!

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This is a scene from the Thranduil fanfic, Stars of Varda. Art is by Elithien (Eli Draws) on Tumblr. Read the story here!

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heart 3’s Word of the Day - fallal - a bit of finery; a showy article of dress.

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Hey Han, Wait Up by on @DeviantArt Stooop I'm crying

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Confusing fanfiction with what is actually canon.

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Confession: I like how in FanFictions they make this pair really kinky and stuff like that but in reality they are like yeah I love you you didn't know?

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Other Draco-Hermione moment by on @deviantART
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