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A little story for all the fangirls and lovers of the Supersized McShizzle! This is one of my first works. I hope you enjoy your time with Leo!

Can you imagine these are Barry's thoughts as he sees you walling in all dressed up for your date?

CannonBall .:BarryAllen/TheFlash:.

Jason is so sweet.   And percy be like wtf is life. What is that green stuff for??

Ew <-- i actually think that percy would eat really well (because he was always really hungry), but this is still funny to imagine <---- Plus there was that time he was turned into a guinea pig

If there are 10 levels of crazy fans, fanfiction writers are on level 11.<<<I am a fanfic writer haha and yes I'm crazy

If there are 10 levels of crazy fans, fanfiction writers are on level why thank you, I work hard to write fanfiction.

Look at him. Just look at this beautiful piece of art

Close (Josh Dun x Reader)

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No or Yes?

Inspiring animated gif dylan o',brien, stiles, stiles stilinski, teen wolf by Maria_D - Resolution - Find the image to your taste


APR 25 } "Newt, she was there. I felt her presence" Alex said "Then why did she run" spit Newt. "I cannot know a motive, but she is safe" "It's not your power to know such a thing" "I'm sorry to interrupt your grieving Newt, but she's alive"

percy jackson | Tumblr

percy jackson | Tumblr

james potter and sirius black:

james potter and sirius black. I usually don't pin the overly sentimental Marauder pins cuz I think they're dumb, but this is actually pretty sweet. <<<<< but if it were me and my best friend (I'm not a sentimental person) I would do the same thing.

harry potter and ginny fanfiction | Some of my favourite Harry Potter fanfictions

Some of my favourite Harry Potter fanfictions

be more chill | Tumblr

be more chill | Tumblr