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Fantail Goldfish--another favorite animal. When I worked at a pet store, a woman came in crying because she had recently lost a beloved goldfish due to old age. She was ready for a new one. I swear a goldfish swam up to her like a dog when called! She bought him! She was a goldfish whisperer. Some people just have an affinity with other species. Amazing!


The SECRET Of WHO WE ARE: In love is our true identity. Meaning cannot be found from within our own lives, but found through others. The secret of who we are can be revealed only by who we love and those who love us. Nothing else is real or will have lasting meaning until we fall in love with God as another human being. ~ddl

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Care for a Fantail Goldfish

Care for a Fantail Goldfish & How to Do a Fishless Cycle A fish tank A filter (see tips) A bottle of Household Ammonia (see tips) Test kits for ammonia and nitrite minimum (nitrate is also beneficial). Bucket and siphon for water changes After cycled, fish