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The Hermit hector pohl Freelance Artist -- Share via Artstation Android App, Artstation © 2016

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Zirus, the white owl, young mage, wizard, white hair, white sorcerer, magic, pet owl, great outfit, RPG, DnD, D&D by the great Adam Lee

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The Necromancer, Benjamin Ee on ArtStation at

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Lyonella (who goes by the name Ada when she needs to) separates from her married guardians Raimond and Orane, only to be hunted and pursued by the husband (who is King Tyrell's Royal Commander) and a small portion of his army.

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I always have trouble thinking of jobs for my characters... which would explain why right now my protagonist is unemployed...<<< Same here! I made mine emotionally unstable just so she could remain jobless, and I ended up changing the plot.

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