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Fantasy Map Creator

Map creator - Fantasy Name Generators Custom map creator. Create a basic custom map as the basis of your own world.

from Mythcreants

How to Color Your Map Using SCIENCE!

How to Color Your Map Using SCIENCE! - Sketching out a map for a setting can be a lot of fun. Drawing a map gives you a bird’s-eye view of the world, a way to spatially organize plot arcs, and can be a great piece of artwork in its own right. But like most works of fiction, the creator should remember to keep it as believable as possible. Maps of Earth-like settings, however, can benefit from following some basic rules...


Map of the Location of Eden, 1785 // Maps of the Imagination - "To wander in an empty cave / Is fruitless work, 'tis said: / What must it be for one like me / To wander in his head?"--Selected Letters of Lewis Carroll, 5t, to Margaret Cunnyghame.