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Conceptual Illustrations by Yan Nam Ko

Omg this type of thing fills me with happiness I always believe heaven will be a awesome fantasy land

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Sanctuary by on @deviantART. I think Lavi, the kid, and Quinn/whatever her name is stay here for a little while

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Some areas have a lingering connection to the primal forces of the world's birth. the Shadow Society and the Dark Circle both use these places for powerful magic. This is one of the two types of places where Changelings might be born (RPG concept)

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Kristina had to battle her way to this castle to see Ava (though once she reaches the door she never actually gets inside)

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I've gone there, and i've come all of the house in this city, but it is the time when the city are destroying... PS:"I don't want this city destroy..."

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The Kingdom of Tonophria in the north is beneath the ice. Accessible by tunnels and hidden passages going down, there is nothing but an expanse of ice reminicent of Antartica above. Possibly one of the most interesting Kingdoms in the saga.

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