Imperial Ranger (Fantasy Scout Trooper redesign), Conor Burke on ArtStation at

conorburkeinsp:Imperial Ranger in the Endorian Forest (Fantasy redesign Scout Trooper). My third entry to the Brainstorm group Star Wars redesign challenge.

Soldier by on @DeviantArt

Soldier by dashinvaine

ArtStation - Defender, Kseniya Sibileva

m Ranger Leather sword hood lwlvl Ксения Сибилева

How to make dragon eggs from air-dry clay. Beautiful fantasy craft for kids. Fun project for Easter and all year round!

How to Make Fantasy Dragon Eggs

Yutri Tweetlip, Joanna Wolska on ArtStation at

Jiy Evveki is a trans sexual courier and bard in the Green giant valley that entertain on her journeys with songs about love between all kind of genders.

(Name: Jock) (Gender: Male) (Age: 9 years) (Role: Clan Leader) (Bio: Watches over the clan in silent, is aware of everything that goes on, had a daughter but now deceased from another clan member.. Fights only when needed, prefers only the stay at the den but wonders off after night fall to scout new territory) (Owner: TheBlackRider88)

Fantasy Art by Whiluna Lion Ram Fantasy Myth Mythical Mystical Legend

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voiceofnature: “ Elf Spearman by Shilesque ”

The Sailor Scout, Fantasy RPG set!

sashamutch: “ The Sailor Scout, Fantasy RPG set! ” So… if there’s any executives of the Sailor Moon franchise who are thinking of ways to re-invent the show that doesn’t involving “gritty” or.

Bullywug Scout by regourso

character concept humanoid frog male Bullywug Scout by regourso

Aren't they sweet!  Good small handwork to keep in a purse when on the go.

Felt Brooches - loads of lovely ideas here for felt creation. too beautiful for diy merit badges for kids, but I love the inspiration