love to use cupolas on top of garages and in just the right place on a roof...this one is obviously old - French!
Some people say this is a weathervane....but you & I know it is a secret code directing all good children to the Festival of Fireflies!!! Google Search
Repurposed Wood and Metal Faux Weather Vane by Prodigal Pieces |
Crowing Rooster Weather Vane Artist by PersimmonRidgeRustic, $195.00
Copper Cupolas, Finials, Weather Vanes - Cedar Roof - Picasa Web Albums
Elk Weather Vane, Bugling by West Coast Weather Vanes.  Our Elk Weathervane (also known as a Wapiti Weathervane) is one of most popular wild animal weathervanes. These weathervanes have a very distinctive profile against the skyline which is instantly recognizable, even from a distance. We normally make our Elk weather vane with a copper body with brass or optional gold leafed antlers and target (rump, tail area).
How To Install A Decorative Cupola
Twine Farmhouse Weather Vane Bottle Stopper
Cupola and metal roof. Need for our new barn.
Running Stallion Horse Weather Vane  by West Coast Weather Vanes.  We used optional gold leaf to match the markings on the horse’s face and socks.
Weather Vane Pattern
Found it at Wayfair - Farmhouse Weather Vane Bottle Stopper
Antique Weathervanes | Original Surface on Horse, Rooster, and Car Weathervanes | Skinner Inc.
Molded Copper Red-painted Cow Weathervane, attributed to Cushing & White, Waltham, Massachusetts, late 19th century
Red winter weather vane