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Arnica Warming Relief Massage Oil, I've been using this oil with the Fascia Blaster (other than Ashley Blacks oil)


REAL clients, REAL results, REAL lives changed! The FasciaBlaster® may seem too good to be true, but we KNOW you'll absolutely LOVE your renewed, smooth, #healthy, dimple-free #skin after a few weeks of using the #FasciaBlaster® for just 10-30 minutes a few times a week. It's as easy as scrubbing away at your trouble spots and releasing the tight fascial adhesions that have been restricting your #joints, #muscles, #circulation, nerves and more from performing at optimal capacity and causing…


If you don't know what this is. You should. The Fascia Blaster is a must have! Especially in 2017


CELLULITE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FAT! Yes, the more body fat you have the more you’ll have “pushing” through the layers of fascia, causing deeper dents and dimples. But loosing weight, dieting and exercising WON’T fix your fascia! THAT’s why I invented the #FasciaBlaster – but the benefits go SO far beyond #beauty it’s incredible!


Once you have bruising, homeopathic Arnica is excellent for repair. You can use Arnica gel externally or Anica pills internally or high quality essential oils. We are also working with a compounding pharmacy to provide products for post treatment. (We have no affiliation with the brand Arnica) In addition, you can “flush” the area. Use your hands and some massage oil and give yourself a gentle massage. When you’re done, ice the area.