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that's a little fat horse!don't you think?but it's beautiful & sweet too!i like it

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To this day mini horses remain popular amongst horse lovers everywhere, many of which keep them as pets and/or show them in a number of mini horse disciplines. Mini horses are smart and friendly, which is why they are now being used as an assistance animal for people with disabilities.

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Shetland Pony in a cardi - this is my favorite thing ever LOLOL Marshmallow................. beware I am going to dress you up :D

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Horse humor, "the farrier said n o more treats, so I ate him". Cute big bellied horse, really big belly!

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It is known that the Ardennes horses were found in Ancient Rome, and they were also used in the westwards campaigns of Napoleon in the 19th century. They also played an important role in the World Wars of the 20th century. Knights of old rode this horse.

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