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Recently I stood in the ruins of Coventry Cathedral, which was bombed on 14th November, 1940. On the remains of the wall behind the altar are written the words, 'Father Forgive' - echoing the words that Jesus prayed as his enemies crucified him. The day after the bombing, the Provost of the Cathedral, an extraordinary man called Dick Howard, made a commitment not to revenge but to seek forgiveness and reconciliation. On Christmas Day that year, Provost Howard preached a sermon that w...

If Then >> Sometimes understatement says the most. The other day, I was reading an author who caught my attention with just a few words. He said, “If God is anything like a father, and… if I am anything like his child… then…” Since then, I’ve found no end to ways of adding to that one thought. May the most important if/then of all help us step together over the threshold of a new year.

FFF: Father’s Day: June 19, 2016

WEBSTA @ marvetbritto - All Day......

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Prayer Of The Day - Miscommunication Leads To Frustration

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~ Ephesians 4:29 ~ Let's never forget we need to be a living testimony of our Father and our Lord. The words that come out of our mouth are certainly what people will be "looking" at... We need to be different, encouraging, and be careful to the language we use. Bless be our Lord.

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How true...Gods love is so amazing even though I fail Him every day at one point or all points, He still loves me and died for me! How can that be??? So undeserving I am!

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