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DATING PROBLEMS: *Is FEAR keeping you SINGLE? *How do I deal with unwanted attention? *How do you talk to your boyfriend? *Help!! I am always being rejected. Why is that? *How do I deal with my flirty boyfriend? *Please help! I'm fed up with my date putting me down

Sarah you can kick rocks!! I'm fed up with your anger. You are so vulgar and angry and I cannot stand it anymore. If you want to hold a garage go ahead. I'm tired of proving my good to you and you don't see it. Constantly trying to defend myself from attacks from you and your family.

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Clever Garage Storage and Organization Ideas

Tape Dispenser. Get fed up with rooting through a drawer to find the duct tape you want? Create a dispenser that mounts to the wall and keeps your tapes organized.


If you got fed up with unwanted calls or texts than just select your area code and report that number as a spam.

from WSJ

The Tech-Savvy To-Do List: A Bullet Journal

The Tech-Savvy To-Do List: A Bullet Journal Fed up with apps, people embrace writing lists in a plain old notebook