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I love it all except the 'pig' because I consider that an insult to compare this DEMON trump to wonderful pigs! They are great animals; change the 'p' to PRICK!

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This infograpic highlights the 3 main branches of the U.S. Government for kids in a simple, easy-to-read format.

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Here's a fun idea for creating a 3-D graphic organizer on the branches of government.

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"Privatization is the goal. Draining your pockets is the purpose." Maybe, they aren't exactly 'doing this for the people' choices...

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Trump LOCK HIM UP for collusion with a foreign leader to commit election fraud is treason!

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Donald Trump’s ‘first attempt to ignore the law’

An expert explains why anti-nepotism laws exist — and why Trump's decision to fight one has huge implications.

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Parts of a Plant and Plant Life Cycle

Here's a nice anchor chart on branches state of government. (This is example is for South Carolina, but this model will work for most states.)

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Exactly. You'd think a billionaire could either pay his taxes, or for his own security!! Double dipping in taxpayers pockets!!

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Its absolutely RIDICULOUS how Liberals act!!! So childish and such hypocrites

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