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Federal Estate Tax Rates


Your Mortgage as a Tax Shelter

Your Mortgage As A Tax Shelter #real estate #homebuyer tips


MOSTLY FALSE: Clinton is indeed calling for a 65% tax rate, but this ONLY applies to the LARGEST estates — those valued at MORE than $1 BILLION PER COUPLE. That would probably include very few, IF ANY, family farms.


The Complete Guide to Investing in Real Estate Tax Liens and Deeds: How to Earn High Rates of Return - Safely

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This Chart Shows How the Federal Estate Exemption Has Changed Since 1997

The exemption from federal estate taxes has gradually increased over the years while the estate tax rate has gradually decreased. Here you will find a chart that shows the increases in the exemption and decreases in the tax rate from 1997 through 2015.

Busted! Clinton’s Avoided Federal Taxes in 2014, Created Shell Companies. illary Clinton is on record for a massive increase in the Estate Tax. It is no wonder then, that she has her personal estate and the Clinton Foundation well protected. Using tax shelters and shell companies, everything is as well protected as the upper 1% can afford. Never mind that this os the same sort of behavior that she has criticized Donald Trump for. I guess she is not into paying her fair share after all.


If you sell one of these assets – such as vehicles, stocks, bonds, collectibles, jewelry, precious metals, or real estate – and you sell it at a gain, you’ll pay a capital gain tax rate on some of the proceeds. Capital gain rates can be just as high as regular income taxes. Therefore, it’s worth exploring every possible strategy to keep these taxes at a minimum.

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Tax Deductions 2016: List of 50 Tax Write-Offs You Don't Know About

What can you deduct this tax year? To get the most written off on your tax return, see if you're eligible for one of these 49 offbeat tax deductions.

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Tax Deductions 2016: List of 50 Tax Write-Offs You Don't Know About

health insurance tax deductible for self-employed

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How High Are Property Taxes in Your State?

What is the property tax rate in your state? A new map from the Tax Foundation has the answer.

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Tax Savings: Rental Property Depreciation Explained

Tax Savings: Rental Property Depreciation Explained (For those investing in rental properties)