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2016 Federal Income Tax Brackets, Deductions, and Exemption Limits

Here is your guide to the 2016 Income Tax Brackets, Deductions, and Exemption Limits as released by the Internal Revenue Service.

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Build Home Equity Faster equity Function: noun . 1 a : a right claim or interest existingor valid in equity b :the money value of a property or of an interest in a property in excess of claims or liens against itc : a risk interest or ownership right in property Equity is the part of your property that you actually own. If you own property thats worth $250000 and you have a mortgage with a remaining loan balance of $100000 your equity in the property is $150000. Repeat home buyers…

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How to Calculate Federal Income Tax - Rates Table & Tax Brackets

Federal Income Tax - Why you should not payPlease learn the truth behind the income tax: it was created with the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 - its purpose being to fund the government to pay the interest incurred on government loans from the (private) Federal Reserve. In other words, the income tax is paid to central bankers, and have no gains to you whatsoever.

Based on CNN exit polling, here is a map of how the Electoral College vote would look like if ONLY those who paid federal income taxes got to vote...

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Here are some important Tax Filing Tips for Saving Money on your Taxes this year. I also have a list of Free Tax Filing Options available for Federal & State Taxes.

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According to the Supreme Court, would it be good tax policy to use income tax as computed by financial accounting principles as the correct measure of income for Federal income tax purposes? Explain. - Homework Plus

Montclair New Jersey tax attorney Dennis Haase provides legal tax assistance and help with personal state and federal income tax. This new jersey tax lawyer also provides corporate tax advice.

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Dentist Office Qualifies for Cost Segregation, A cost segregation study gives dentists a minimum of $10,000 federal income tax refund! We file IRS Form 3115 to get every dentist we work with this money! Ask me how today!

Federal income tax exposed as theater: Why the government doesn't really need your tax dollars

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