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strange legal tax deductions

10 Strange But Legitimate Federal Tax Deductions


If your income last year was less than $57 thousand, file your federal taxes electronically for free with Free File.This year, 15 private tax preparation companies are participating in the Free File program. They all have different eligibility rules, so use this "wizard" to find the best one for you: Note: You may have to pay to file state income tax forms electronically.


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So You're Moving to a New State...

So You're Moving to a New State. Here are some Tax tips: Everyone knows Uncle Sam – he takes his Did you know, in some cases, people can pay more in state and local income taxes than they do federal taxes? If you’re one of the many medical professionals moving to a new state this year, it is in your best interest to understand these additional income taxes before making the plunge!


Why did voters flock to the polls in York County and the rest of Pennsylvania in 1938?

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Donald Trump signing his huge federal tax return last October. It was three state returns, however, shed light on how he may have avoided paying federal taxes for 18 years.

Hillary Clinton was speculating about why Donald Trump would choose to be the first modern American presidential candidate to refuse to release his tax returns. “Maybe,” she said, “he doesn’t want the American people, all of you watching tonight, to know that he’s paid nothing in federal taxes.” Unprompted, Trump interrupted to say, “That makes me smart.”     #trumptrain #trumppence2016 #trumpwon #vote #election2016 #gop #republicans #clinton #democrats…

Busted! Clinton’s Avoided Federal Taxes in 2014, Created Shell Companies. illary Clinton is on record for a massive increase in the Estate Tax. It is no wonder then, that she has her personal estate and the Clinton Foundation well protected. Using tax shelters and shell companies, everything is as well protected as the upper 1% can afford. Never mind that this os the same sort of behavior that she has criticized Donald Trump for. I guess she is not into paying her fair share after all.


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