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Here it comes right to you. Pow! As I stand like a tree, solid and flourishing. The power of all eternity runs through me. I open my eyes, exhale fully, open my hands, arms come up, and there with a rattling through my system this power of true love, a love that is only understood when felt from all that is, a power from the source filled with the benign understanding that you are just right as you are. Fly's out of me, to you, all of you. I love each of you~ Amaya Victoria

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Images That Will Make You Feel Genuinely Good

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45 Kids Meeting Their Sibling For The Very First Time

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If you have trouble visualizing, just feel what you want. Feeling is equally powerful. Whether you feel it, or imagine it in pictures, both are creating. You will know which one works best for you, by how you feel. Feeling good is the key to creation.

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Start your week off with positive thoughts (26 photos)

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"that's just who i am" by maxrideroxs ❤ liked on Polyvore
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ever want to make yourself feel really horrible about being single? well here's a whole blog just for you of pictures of the cutest couples on earth.

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