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We all have someone we never speak of. Someone who meant so much, that even breathing their name makes your soul tremble with memories and pain.


Yep, that's ME!! Always there for everyone, but not everyone always there for me, are you? The only two people I could/can ALWAYS count on was my Mom (Bless Her Soul & Miss Her So) and now my husband. I've been shocked by the actions of those whom I no longer consider family, will never forgive them. Always trusting everyone, I find myself very cautious now & trusting NO ONE until they have earned that trust.

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The Pissed-Off Playlist That Will Channel Your Rage

When I feel like channeling my inner angsty teen or when I feel the need to yell absurdly loud, I listen to music from those who feel the same. Weirdly enough, instead of fueling my frustrations, listening to angry music actually is a way to let off steam and channel feelings in a positive way.