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Leelee Sobieski from Uwe Boll’s quite-probably-awful Dungeon Siege movie, In the Name of the King.

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She really resembles the description of Kaylee Cousland in the fic 'To Spar With A Sten' which you can read/download from :-)

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Female armor design inspired on Blood Elfs of World of Warcraft. Created in latex and leather by La Cámara del Alquimista

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The Morrigan

nightingale armour from skyrim - definitely one of my favorites, alongside the Dark Brotherhood armor.

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Isabelle in Jack the Giantslayer. Women wearing plate armor are far more sexy and a turn on to me than women in chain maille bikinis. Confidence, strength and beauty clad in a package of the same. This beautiful lady would kicketh the crapeth out of chain maille bikini "clad" women.

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