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The Blackbird and The Swan.

The blackbird - what a handsome devil - and what a songster, love to hear them singing away on a summer's evening.

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You can make life much easier for blackbirds by mulching your flower beds with leaf-litter, keeping your lawn mown, planting fruiting shrubs and trees (especially dense, thorny ones) and planting climbers against walls #homesfornature

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Blackbird collecting nesting material. Turbo Charge Read all updates

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We have blackbirds in our garden all the's the pears we keep feeding them...they love em.

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RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD Agelaiu phoeniceus Bird Spotting: The differences between the male and female red-winged blackbird are striking. While the plumage of the male is entirely black except for two bright red shoulder patches, the female is a dusty brown and heavily striped.

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character inspiration

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The Red-winged Blackbird is sexually dimorphic; the male is all black with a red shoulder and yellow wing bar, while the female is a nondescript dark brown. Seeds and insects make up the bulk of their diet.The Red-winged Blackbird inhabits open grassy areas. It generally prefers wetlands, and inhabits both freshwater and saltwater marshes, particularly if cattail is present.

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